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Appsolute Madness, Inc. ("AMI") respects the privacy rights of our users and is committed to protecting the information collected through our online services and websites, including but not limited its Botl application. The terms "Botl," "Botl Application," and may sometimes be used interchangeably but all refer to the Service as that term is defined in the Terms Of Service agreement located at The following describes the policies and practices of AMI related to information provided by the users of its Botl application.

  1. AMI collects a variety of personal and company information in the normal course of business. This includes:
    • Names
    • E-mail addresses
    • Postal addresses
    • Birthdates
  2. E-mail addresses may be collected when users distribute botls to e-mail addresses not associated with a Botl account. This information will be treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  3. AMI will use this information for sales and support of its own products and services, and products and services of third-parties that are offered by AMI.
  4. You may store information and content under a "private" designation in your Botl account. Although AMI has administrative access to this information, it does not monitor or otherwise access it under normal circumstances.
  5. Upon creating an account in the Botl application, other users of the Botl application will be able to view your user name and some basic data about you, including your Botl profile, your city and state, and any public content (or botls) you have created or received.
  6. When you utilize and distribute content via the Botl application, you are making the content publicly accessible and viewable. Any content distributed by you via the Botl application may be redistributed to the general public. The content and botls you distribute on the Botl application are associated with your username and can readily be traced back to your account and user profile.
  7. When you view a botl, information regarding your location and data which reflects the fact that you have viewed that particular botl will be stored. Users of the service will be able to see that you have viewed a botl and the general locations where the botl was viewed. It is possible that information correlating your identity and the general geographic area from which you viewed a botl could be publicly available and available to other users of the Botl application. However, your identity and your location will NOT be purposefully correlated. Further, AMI will not publicize an exact location where a botl is viewed, only general geographic areas.
  8. AMI relies on account usernames, passwords, cookies and Internet Protocol addresses to control access to and record usage of the services. AMI relies on the security measures instituted by the various services that host the Botl application. Although we believe that these measures are adequate to prevent access to private information under normal circumstances, it may be possible for the information to be retrieved from the Botl application and the hosts' computers by criminals, in ways that are beyond the control of AMI.
  9. Because AMI has non-confidential access to private information, and because the security methods used do not guarantee perfect control over access to private information, you should refrain from storing confidential information on your Botl account or on the Service and from distributing confidential information via the Service.
  10. A BOTL user is able to create public BOTLs and private BOTLs. As noted above, the security methods used do not guarantee perfect control over access to private information, including the contents of a user's private BOTLs. Again, you should refrain from storing confidential information on your Botl account or on the Service and from distributing confidential information via the Service.
  11. By utilizing the Service, You understand that AMI may contact you at any time via email or the Botl application to send information regarding BOTL, the Service, updates to the community, or special messages and BOTLs.
  12. AMI reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. AMI shall make reasonable efforts to notify You of such changes. Posting a change notice or a new agreement within the Botl application and on the site located at is considered sufficient notice.
  13. Personal information and private account information will not be intentionally provided by AMI to third-parties, except under the following circumstances:
    • At the user's express or implied request (such as by the user linking to the information);
    • With the user's permission;
    • By order of a judge or legislative body;
    • As required by law;
    • On demand of any governmental authority authorized to investigate the commission of a crime;
    • For use by any Joint Venture partner of AMI, and only for the purposes of sales and support of any product or service of the Joint Venture; or
    • With the sale of all or substantially all rights of the Service to a third-party. In this event, all information in the possession of AMI would be provided to the purchasing party and would be subject to the privacy policies of the new owner.
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